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About Us

Cable ductings manufacturerCable ductings manufacturer
The cable ductings manufacturer "Baspol" was established in 1984. During this period Baspol gained a well established position on the domestic market. The specialty of the company is the production of electrical installation products.

The basic product coming from the production lines are installation strips, also known as cable ductings and wall channels. These products are made from PVC and are used for various types of electrical installations. Our program also includes rigid electro-installation pipes and corrugated pipes. Our products are widely used. They are especially used when installing computer networks and electrical networks in already existing buildings. They are an alternative to installations run inside the walls. Our products are characterized by high quality, aesthetics and durability.

The purpose of our company is to meet all expectations of our clients.
We have an ISO 9001: 2009 certificate and our products have the required declaration of conformity.

Why choose us

We have been present in the plastics processing market since 1984. Such a long period of operation allowed us to gain an established position on the market.

All our products are characterized by the highest quality resulting from the use of high quality materials and attention to the finest details in the production process.

As a manufacturer of cable trays and electrical installation accessories, we are able to offer our customers competitive prices and, with larger orders, we use good discounts!

As an experienced company with years of experience and a well established market position, we are aware of the need to innovate in response to market demand.

Our products are made of polyvinyl chloride, non-flammable and non-inflammable. They provide adequate protection against the influence of mechanical and chemical factors.

In the production process we conduct continuous supervision in order to maintain repeatability of production.

Polish Chamber of Commerce Electrotechnics

Declaration of Conformity

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The material commonly referred to as plastics consists of synthetic polymers or natural polymers modified and various additives such as stabilizers, flame retardants, fillers and the like.

Plastic processing

This is the process of plastic molding to get a given product. Plastics are processed by extrusion, injection, pressing, rolling and casting.